Lord of Life Lutheran Church
Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Live - Love - Laugh

Our Vision

We at Lord of Life have a defined mission and vision for our church.  These guiding principles were born out of our founding members over 30 years ago when they dedicated their lives and their mission to God and those that would come after them.  Our foundation rests firmly on the dedication of these souls that stepped out in faith to create Lord of Life Lutheran Church.

Mission Statement

Called by God to grow spiritually, welcome graciously, love unconditionally, and serve together faithfully as followers of Christ.

Vision Statement

We, Lord of Life Lutheran Church, a congregation of the ELCA, are called by God to be a people of salt and light, working together to bring hope and wholeness to all as Jesus did.  Retirement is not our mindset, but rather rejuvenation and transformation. 
Transformed by Worship
Our worship is alive and engaging. The spiritual depth of worship is a gospel-powered magnet for diverse peoples. Through Word and Sacrament God draws us together and equips us to face life’s challenges with hope. Prayers for all people in need are followed by acts of service and compassion.
Transformed in Relationships
God’s grace transforms us through relationships nurtured by worship, prayer, study, service and fellowship. As we are drawn by the Spirit closer to God, we are drawn closer to each other. Deepening relationships of faith and trust enhance our life together and the ministry we share. As God’s people we seek to live without fear and to work for peace and justice.
Transformed to Serve
We all receive an unending stream of blessings from God and we respond by sharing those gifts and abilities with generosity. With compassion and creativity, we serve those in our congregation, in our communities, and in the world; particularly those wounded by life. Through words and deeds we daily reflect God’s love that transforms us.
“Our Father in Heaven…your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” 
And may it be done by us.

Dedication Statement

We Believe…

that Lord of Life Lutheran Church is a people who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and who, because of their commitment to Him, have gathered together to:
  • Worship, praise, and thank God
  • Grow in their personal response to Jesus Christ
  • Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Serve in the name of the Living Lord

We Commit Ourselves…

 to faithful support and participation in Lord of Life Lutheran Church so that we may be nurtured by Word and Sacrament. Thus made bold, we will share the Good News of Jesus Christ with each other, with this community, and with the world around us.