Lord of Life Lutheran Church
Sunday, February 25, 2018


Christian education is a fundamental element of each of our lives as we live out God’s promise. Lord of Life offers many different types of education throughout the year. 
  • Check the calendar for upcoming education offerings here.

5 Wishes

This is a unique program that gives people an opportunity to express their end-of-life wishes in a straight-forward, understandable language.  It is offered at regular intervals and includes funeral/memorial planning suggestions.

Eye Opener Bible Study

This study takes on the theological concepts discussed in the current sermon series. Delve into the biblical discussions surrounding what the pastors are preaching about.  Join us each Thursday morning at 7:30 am.  All are welcome!

Social Issues Forum - E. Ellsworth Campbell Forums

Lord of Life seeks to tackle the conversations that affect everyone in our community. Education, Immigration, Religion, Acceptance are discussed at depth in these interactive series.

Theological Conversations

Join us in conversations about Jesus, the books of the Bible, the men and women that shaped Christianity.

Bible Study Series

Check back often to see what new Bible studies are coming to Lord of Life. Many areas of study are undertaken in a multi-week format.
Have a suggestion for a Bible study or an author you would like to invite to Lord of Life, email the church at info@lolaz.org with your suggestion today.  For more information on these classes, contact us at info@lolaz.org or at 623-584-2000.