Lord of Life Lutheran Church
Monday, July 16, 2018
Mission in Motion
Mission in Motion is a three year (2010-2013) capital appeal to raise funds to purchase and install a pipe organ, support three outreach missions and reduce the building debt.
The goal is to raise $1.5 million over the three years; specific goals are as follows:
Pipe Organ    $1,100,000
Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission   150,000 
Tanzania   90,000
Haiti Earthquake Relief    60,000
Debt Retirement    100,000

Pipe Organ

When the sanctuary was designed and built in 1986 there were plans for a pipe organ to be installed as a focal point for the music program. Limited funds in those early years required that plans for the organ be placed on hold. After a year of research during 2009 the organ committee recommended and the congregation approved the purchase of a pipe organ from Glatter-Gotz, a German designer and builder.
After renovation in the sanctuary was completed in 2012, installation of the organ proceeded with a completion date in 2013.

Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission

The NELM at Rock Point Arizona has been operating for nearly 60 years. The mission provides education and meals for preschool through sixth grade for 90 students. There are no dorm facilities so the students are transported from their remote homes on the reservation daily. The site needs some renovation and the student busses need replacement. There are two pastors on staff who administer the school and serve the congregation in the House of Prayer.

Tanzania – Wondering Shepherds

The wondering Shepherds program provides training to prepare nomadic tribe members for ministry in one of the fastest growing Lutheran churches in the world. Seminary fees for the two year program are $1000 and we are supporting 10 students.

Tanzania – Maasai Dispensary Renovation

The clinic in Mto wa Mbu treats 1000 patients with HIV as well as providing maternal and child health services. Our funds are used to build a procedure room and install X-ray equipment donated by another Lutheran church. The procedure room will be used for minor surgeries, treating trauma patients and setting fractures.

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Lutheran World Relief is working to provide food, water and other vital needs as well as constructing basic shelters that can be finished by the occupants. Growing food, restoring schools and getting Haitians back to work are priorities.

Building Debt Reduction

A goal of $100,000 has been established to reduce the 2004 debt from the construction of the chapel, meeting and conference rooms and lobby additions.

Mission In Motion Prayer

Loving God, fill us with generosity and compassion as we carry out your mission in the world. May we serve you with grateful and committed hearts! AMEN
NOTE:  The Organ 'Funds Received' column shows that the $1,100,000 goal has been surpassed, however, we still need an additional $2,500 to cover unplanned Sanctuary renovation costs and services incurred during the organ's installation.